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It began in Brittany 

Just another day on a family holiday - an idea, and the rest is history....

Gathering dust in the corner of the barn


Steve, Caroline and their two boys James and Harry were just doing what you do on holiday in northern France.

A trip to the beach, a bit of fishing, plenty of long walks and soaking up the atmosphere of the old farm house that they were staying in. 

That was until they happened on a bit of a discovery lurking at the back of one of the barns - a cider press. Dusty and rusty and in need of serious TLC most people wouldn't have given it a second glance.


But the Davies are not most people. It begun a 'what if,' conversation that resulted in them tracking down the farmer and making a bid for the press? He accepted (why wouldn't he) and two months later, the press arrived on a trailer, at their home in the Vale of Aylesbury where Steve set about lovingly restoring to it's former glory.


Today, it stands proud at the heart of operations. Doing what it was built to do - press apples, to make REAL cider, GROVER's Cider.  

Having a press is one thing...

...but apples would be useful too.

This was not going t be any old Cider - made from any old apples. GROVER'S is real cider in every sense of the word. Having restored the press Steve, Caroline and the boys (with a little help from their friends) set about planting the orchard. 

In the winter on 2014, they planted and nurtured over 1500 English Cider apple trees in their back garden. 

They bought and manage their own hives - so even the local bee population does it's bit for the cause. 

The first harvest was collected in the autumn of  2015 and since the brand and its reputation for quality has grown from strength to strength .

Crisp, cool, and goes like hot cakes

The first harvest produced 5000 pints, last year's yielded an estimated 24,000 pints of beautifully crisp dry cider which will be sold at local events, festivals and in local pubs.

The customers loved it's authentic flavour, and the 6% ABV and the first pressing soon sold out.


This year, the trees are even more mature and the as a result the bumper harvest will provide an even bigger yield.

But remember we are a small family run business, so if you would like to order Grover's cider, please refer to our contact page and we will do all we can to get some to you! 



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